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Allison Thomas

David McGee
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Dear David:

I never envisioned or “wanted”, for that matter, to build a new home. After Katrina, I was, like everyone in the city, exhausted from working with insurance companies, Road Home, SBA... everyone! So, the thought of getting a contractor to begin a home was overwhelming and not something to which I looked forward.

However, because of the excellent service provided by PAR, it turns out that the home build was the easiest and most enjoyable experience of the past three years. You guys listened to me, were patient and very re-active when I needed something from you. From Rachel to the building supervisors, I felt like you “had my back”. And, I felt that even with some of the subs, like Toni from Planet Kitchen. My bank officer was so impressed with the quick turn-around on requested documents that even she had to make a trip to your office to meet everyone.

I want to thank you for helping me stay on track with what my needs required and encouraging me, when it was necessary, to make adjustments that made the house fantastic. I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received. It truly is the silver lining from the past events.

I’m a big fan, David, and would encourage anyone in the market to call PAR. Being able to trust you took the pain out of what could have been an uncomfortable experience for me. I never doubted for an instant that you weren’t giving me 100% of your attention... and when the house was completed in 6 months, everyone else agreed.

David, I hope to NEVER need your help again, as I intend to live in this house for a VERY long time. Tell anyone who’s “on the fence” to call me, and I’ll tell them that you are the way to go. I thank you for everything, and Sam thanks you because now he can have a puppy!


Allison Thomas


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